Floral Services

Our floral designs are inspired from the personal style and ideas of our clients.  Whether the overall appeal of an event may be modern chic, vintage romance, classic, rustic or an edgy mix of organic elements, we consider every approach in transforming each event with meticulous detail.  We believe that since weddings are never cookie cutter, our floral designs should strive to be one of kind for each client.  We hope to create timeless pieces that will leave your guests in awe.

lowers create an ambiance, enhance the venue, and bring life and beauty to the event. 

Our floral packages are created based off a menu type format and not bundled packages, so that you are free to add, change, and remove any items from the order.  We hope that the floral and decor process of your wedding will be inspirational, exciting, and provide you with a glimpse of your special day. 

Pricing depends on style, flower types, decor, and designs 

If you are interested in a quote, please contact us for our floral questionnaire. 

After receiving your floral questionnaire, we would be more than happy to provide you with a detailed quote through e-mail.

All pricing includes floral services, delivery, and set up 
Floral services include a complimentary initial consultation and unlimited e-mail & phone contact


     Navy Blue Garden                                                     Winter Dusty Rose
        Photos by: LOKITM Photography                                                                                   Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography

     Organic Grapewood                                                   Rustic Greens
        Photos by: Alex W Photography                                                                                       Photos by: Kayden Studios

    Romantic Blush                                                          Skyline Purple
      Photos by: Thao Vu Photography                                                                                      Photos by: D. Park Photography

     Majestic Ivory                                                                                                   Regal Champagne
       Photos by: onelove photography & ATOL                                                                       Photos by: Jay Studio Photography

     Luxurious Orchids                                                                                        Delphinium Blue
       Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography                                                                                 Photos by: Driver Photography

     Glamorous Blush                                                                                           Edgy Plum
       Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography                                                                                Photos by: Jason Burns Photography

    Crystal Violet                                                                                                      Woodland Ivory
      Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography                                                                                   Photos by: David & Tania Photography

    Sweet Pastels                                                             Vintage Peach
       Photos by: SimplyTwo Photography                                                                               Photos by: Heidi Ryder Photography

    Charming Garden Peach                                            Chic Lavender Wildflower
       Photos by: Priscila Valentina Photography                                                                        Photos by: Nathan Worden Photography & ATOL

   Crimson Romance                                                      Crystal Blush Pink
      Photos by: M. Sibthorpe Photography & ATOL                                                               Photos by: Thao Vu Photography & ATOL

    Cherry Blossom Pink                                                  Peachy Sweet
    Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography                                                                                    Photos by: Daren Kelley Photography

    Pink Rosettes                                                              Lavender Beauty
     Photos by: Georgia Yeh Photography                                                                                Photos By: Unique Studio LA & ATOL

                 Classic Red                                                                Hollywood Plum
       Photos by: Garrett Richardson Photography                                                                     Photos By: David & Tania Photography & ATOL

Golden Purple                                                            Garden Terrace Mint
      Photos by: Jay Studio & ATOL                                                                                        Photos by: Nathan Worden Photography

Vintage Pink                                                               Royal Purple
      Photos by: Vince and Carla Photography & ATOL                                                           Photos by: ATOL

Lace + Mason Jars                                                      White Elegance
     Photos by: ATOL                                                                                                                Photos by: Cameron Leung Photography

    Whimsical Blush                                                         Seashell Peach
       Photos by: Lin & Jirsa Photography                                                                                    Photos by: Brandon Wong Photography
Seaside Lavender                                                       Succulents + Marsala
     Photos by: Herman Au Photography                                                                                  Photos by: April Smith & Co Photography